Cleaning Service In Toowoomba


Cleaners Who Care

Established in 2013, CleanWiz is a professional cleaning service based in Toowoomba. We service residential and commercial clients throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.

We take pride in being a professional cleaning company. For us, that means thorough preparation, so we are ready to handle anything on the job.

The entire CleanWiz team has comprehensive training on how to get the best results in a wide variety of situations.
Everyone we hire is police checked before becoming part of the CleanWiz team. You can be confident that whichever team members come to serve you, they are verified, trained, insured professionals. As a family-owned business, we offer a more personal touch to our service. We genuinely care about getting the job done right and taking the time necessary to leave you fully satisfied with the results. Our team will go the extra mile every time so you can get your bond back, start showing off your new property, sign a lease with a new tenant, or enjoy a clean living space!

We provide free quotes for all our services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the same cleaner come every week?

You may encounter the same cleaner every week, but this is not guaranteed. This depends on the cleaner's availability and whether or not they are on holidays or sick leave. However, our entire team is trained to provide consistent services that meet or exceed your expectations.

Do cleaners come at the same time each week?

Yes. You will let us know when you need our team and we can establish a routine for cleaning services at that specific time each week. We will work around your schedule!

Do the cleaners bring their own equipment and cleaning products?

Yes. Our team supplies any equipment or cleaning products necessary to complete the job.

Do I have to be at the property while it’s being cleaned?

As long as we have access to the areas that need to be cleaned, you do not need to be on the premises while we’re working.

How many cleaners will come for the job?

This will vary based on the size of the property, what needs to be done, and how quickly you need it finished. We will assign an appropriate number of cleaners once we understand the extent of the job.